Aurora Awards

I've got a few stories that are eligible to be nominated for this year's Prix Aurora Awards.

If you're signed up with CFSSA (or want to sign up for a modest $10 that includes a nice voter's pack of nominated work) you may want to consider my story "Thirteen Generations" from AE Science Fiction earlier this year.

Adam Shaftoe from Page of Reviews writes: 
Thirteen Generations is one of the smartest, most touching and ultimately tragic pieces of fiction I've had the pleasure of reading in quite some time. There is both symmetry and artistry in the prose. People would be doing themselves an injustice by not reading this story.

Yeah...what he said.

Also, there were plenty of fantastic short fiction written last year that are probably more Aurora-worthy than my own works to date. I hope to see any and all of these stories on the ballot.

  • "Wing" by Amal El-Motar
    I really like short, flash length fiction that pushes and pokes at the borders between prose and poetry. "Wing" is this fantastic arrangement of ideas and words into something remarkably visual and tangible.
  • "The Old Boys Club" by Geoff Gander
    The epistolary form can work really well in short pieces, particularly for telling stories that take place over a protracted time. It infers a greater scheme and world beyond the words, to say nothing of the voice we never get to hear directly due to seeing only one side of the correspondence. This one really drew me in.
  • "Blessed" by Helen Marshall
    Helen has more gifts for storytelling than I can possibly enumerate, but "Blessed" puts forth her uncanny sensibilities around the experience of childhood as woven in with events that start off uncanny and get progressively bizarre and macabre.
  • "Δπ" by Matt Moore
    I like highly conceptual stories where fundamental rules of math and physics can change and be altered. Text has a great advantage for telling a story such as this, where the characters are dependent upon their own observations to determine what is happening to them in the face of an event that is both world changing but remarkably subtle.

The whole bumper crop of about 300 eligible short stories listed in the complete list of eligible works  at CanSpecFic courtesy of Michael Matheson. Many of them available online to read.

April 15 is the deadline for Prix Aurora Awards nominations.