"Estimated Time of Arrival" - Review

Adam Shaftoe at Page of Reviews has been kind enough to write a thoughtful review of "Estimated Time of Arrival".

I have to agree with just about everything he wrote and was pleasantly surprised at a few readings I hadn't considered. Getting to read a thoughtful and insightful response to one's work is truly one of the joys of writing and I'm very appreciative of Adam taking the time to look at my bit of light fare about near-light speed travel.

"Estimated Time of Arrival" can be read at Ray Gun Revival.


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Estimated Time of Arrival

TZ Rocketmod

Raygun Revival has just published my story Estimated Time of Arrival.

It's one of the first stories I wrote when I decided to start submitting last year. My intention was to write a story that might have appeared in Stephen Leacock's Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town if that book had been set in the far future on some terraforming colony in deep space. It fell slightly short of that mark but it does have a few laughs and you can read it here.