Story Coming to Daily Science Fiction August 30

I am delighted to share that my first professional story sale, "The Mobius Garden" will be the e-mail story for Daily Science Fiction on August 30 and will be available on their website a week or two after that.

If you're not already familiar with Daily Science Fiction, signing up for their list is absolutely free and they send very short stories right to your email box each weekday.


The Loon

My story The Loon appears today on the bizarro blog "The Mustache Factor".


Longing to Play the Oboe

Oboe modern

My not-particularly-speculative bit of flash fiction "Longing to Play the Oboe" is in the July issue of Jersey Devil Press.
The oboe players across the street were in the midst of a blistering ecumenical argument. Their voices were muted by the glass but I caught enough words to figure out they had severely divergent views on the Book of Job... (read the rest at Jersey Devil Press)



Calabi yau

My very-short piece 
Pointland is online at Bewildering Stories. It should be extra-enjoyable if you've ever read Edwin A. Abbot's classic with a similar name
After failing to find moksha beyond the Calabi-Yau manifold, I went the other way. I dodged tesseracts going left and right, ana and kata on my way to Spaceland...(read the rest at Bewildering Stories)
I'm also intrigued that the editors have included a series of questions to accompany the piece which really get at some of the themes and allusions I tried to fit into it. So, take the Bewildering Stories Challenge for this issue if you feel inspired.