Polaris Schedule

Over the last few years, I've come to associate the Polaris convention with the arrival of summer. Thanks to my work schedule I've had lots of free time before and after to make sure I can arrive early and stay late. This is my first year as a participant and I'm excited about the discussions and activities that have been lined up by the programming staff (whom I'd like to thank in advance for the lighter schedule on Sunday).

Here is a tentative list of the discussions and events I'll be at during the Polaris convention next week.
  • Sherlock: A New Game Is Afoot - Friday 7pm 
  • "Duel at Badlands Junction" (film screening and Q&A) - Saturday 12pm
  • Let's Have A Death Match - Saturday 4pm
  • When Live Action Gets Animated - Saturday 5pm
  • The Evil Dead-Third Time's the Charm  - Saturday 11pm
  • Bonding Over Books and Beer - Sunday 3pm